Romance Novel - 'In search of a Soulmate'


‘In search of a Soulmate’ is my 4th romance novel and very close to my heart as many of the things in this fiction novel are based on personal experiences....

It is mostly narrated by attractive chap Sandy (Sandeep), whose life is full of fun ever since his childhood with his family, short time girlfriends and eight best buddies Mansi, Shaun, Preeti, Sumit, Shreya, Aarzoo, Mandar and Gaurav.

Love story starts from his grand wedding and moves around with present and flashback scenarios. Things changes so dramatically in Sandy’s life that he marries his best friend. Once a playboy, slowly realises his wife is his soulmate but he couldn’t express his love because of the mistake he has done in her life, he does everything to win her heart back. He is the most affectionate person with all the love filled in his heart for everyone. I am sure after reading his story every girl would wish a man like him.

His friends are darlings, who always back him up. Every character has an interesting story and all are emotionally attached with each other and you will fall in love with every character especially Dadi, who is adorable.

Romance Novel has everything from laughter, childhood, school fun, picnics, tours, teenage love, and romance to grand weddings and not to forget social massages. Simultaneously, various love stories are running at a same time creates curiosity in every page, interesting part is it has a beautiful gay love story of Aarzoo and Shreya, which makes it a first ever Indian novel to display a special love angle. Lots and lots of romance will thrill your sensation, as it has special love stories which are rare to find in Indian novels or movies.

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