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  • It's Not Straight - Romance Novel

    This is a romance story of a gay girl Krishna. She is a young upper middle-class, independent, disciplined, funny and easy-going girl, she doesn't demand much from her life and always tries to maintain the aura of happiness around her by helping everyone.

  • Most loved Romance 'The wedding Journey' Romance Novel

    “The Wedding Journey” is a romance fiction written by popular Indian Author Swapna Rajput. What could be more entertaining than strangers falling in love with each other after marriage?This love story goes with some situations but with an extraordinary message of upholding trust, love and compassion between two souls in all situations.

  • 'Itihaas-Saga Of India' history book of India

    Itihaas means history in Sanskrit. Indian history is the oldest history in the world, which is still an enigma and has hidden unknown number of mysteries and stories, you want to satisfy your zeal to know about this great country and all its heroes in one place then this book is the best option for you.

  • Romance Novel - 'In search of a Soulmate'

    Romance Novel has everything from laughter, childhood, school fun, picnics, tours, teenage love, and romance to grand weddings and not to forget social massages. Simultaneously, various love stories are running at a same time creates curiosity in every page, interesting part is it has a beautiful gay love story of Aarzoo and Shreya, which makes it a first ever Indian novel to display a special love angle. Lots and lots of romance will thrill your sensation, as it has special love stories which are rare to find in Indian novels or movies.

  • Romance Novel- 'The Beautiful Roses' briefing of all the love stories

    Best love story novel, wonderful and heart touching 6 love stories, the romance book is loved and accepted by all its readers. Celebrating the success with briefing of all love stories.

LGBT Romance Novel- 'Edge of love' LOve has no bounderies. 

  • Edge of Love is a beautiful LGBTQ love story of Indian shy girl Madhu and an American brat girl Breana. Despite of different upbringing, language, culture, lifestyle and country, these two meet in a university of Boston and fall in love in no time, since love has no boundaries.


  • LGBT Romance Novel - Kalindi
  • It is another LGBTQ romcom story of bond between a father and daughter, where daughter fearlessly come out to her father, and accepts her sexuality. Ashok her father, is a man of values, who always provided his family also accept his daughter the way she is, the story tells Kalindi's love for her family. 

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