About Me

Writing is my therapy and passion. I am a versatile writer, I write Indian history and Romance. You can see various sections in my blog, do read all the articles to fulfill your crave for knowledge on our culture, social, movies etc.,

I am a post graduate in marketing and worked in various sectors like garments, automobiles, mobiles, banking etc., 

At present, I am a full time author, blogger and digital creator, my YouTube and Instagram channels are linked with this website. I have published 10 books and 6 +2 of them are available online. 

I write series and short stories on Pratilipi, especially on LGBTQ romance. 

I also write quotes and shayaries which I publish on my Instagram account.

I have a YouTube channel, where I have posted videos on my shayaries and trailers of my books on their respective links.

My romance readers gave me title of- "Magician of Romance". When you read my romance novels, I bet you will also agree on this.

My Books

Although, you will find details about my works in Books section in the website.  I am briefing them here as well.

My first anthology “The Beautiful Roses” (first edition- 2011 and second- 2015) is a fiction/romance, containing 6 romantic love stories which are widely appreciated by the readers. It is a first Hinglish (Hindi in English script )book. 

My 3rd book “Amazing Legends of India” is a  history book containing the true stories of all the Indian legends from all the regions, beginning from the time of mythology till 18th century. It has many interesting facts about India which are rarely available anywhere.

My 4th novel 'In Search of Soulmate' is again a fiction/romance and has many love stories and sensual bold moments its characters are loved by its readers.

My 5th book ''Itihaas- Saga of India'' is an updated version of "Amazing legends of India" which has added stories about our historical legends.

My 6th novel is a romance fiction - "The wedding journey" is a story of NRI boy Vansh and Indian small town girl Nidhi. In which they get married soon after meeting, but their bond increase in long distance relationship. 

My 7th and recent novel is "It's not straight," an eye opener on LGBTQ category and ranked in No 1 LGBTQ story of the year 2020 on Pratilipi.  A wonderful love story of Krishna and Aarohi and a must read for all those who think LGBT is a taboo.  

My 8th Novel- "Kalindi", a bond between father and daughter, a story of brave girl Kalindi who rose from no where and live her life achieving her dreams. But she has a secret which only her father knows. A feelgood ROMCOM LGBTQ novel which won the 1st prize in Pratilipi Novel writing contest. TELUGU language version of this book will be coming soon.

My 9th Novel- "Edge of love" it is a love story of two different country girls Madhu and Breana, who meet each other in USA and fall in love. How their journey of love takes various ups and downs involving both the families is interesting to read. Telugu version of this book is also available online.


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